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3528 LED strip, 120 LEDs / meter

3528 LED strip, 120 LEDs / meter

3528 LED strip, 120 LEDs / meter 3528 LED strip, 120 LEDs / meter 3528 LED strip, 120 LEDs / meter
Brand: Hinhuat
Product Code: 3528 LED strip, 120 LEDs / meter

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LED strip - light source , collected based on LEDs . Is a flexible printed circuit ( wiring ) fee, which is equidistant from each other are LEDs . Typically, tape width of 8 or 10 mm, thickness ( LED ) 2-3 mm. In the manufacture of tape (12 -24V) is wound into rolls segments 5 m 220V coils of 50 or 100 meters. To limit the current through the LEDs , the electrical circuit tape introduced restrictive resistance (resistors ) which are also mounted on the ribbon.
LED strips are made using DIP and SMD technology. SMD- technology ( from surface mounted device - a device mounted on the surface) , and components for surface mounting is also called chip components. DIP (Dual In-line Package, also DIL) - Case type chip micro assembly and other electronic components . Has a rectangular shape with two rows of pins on the long sides . May be made of plastic (PDIP) or ceramics (CDIP).
Figures in the mean size of the chip crystal in millimeters. (SMD 3528 - size 3.5 mm or 2.8 mm SMD 5050 - size 5mm 5mm )
Depending on the type of LED ribbons are separated by the luminous flux and color glow. There are tapes with a monochrome glow (red, green, blue , yellow, pink , white) and The multi (with a choice of almost any hue , RGB). LED strip white vary in color temperature - 2700 K ( warm) to 10,000 K ( cold).
In tape constructions The multi colored LEDs are used , which are arranged virtually in the same chip LEDs of three colors (red , green , blue). By mixing the three primary colors in different proportions can get almost any color .
LED strip running from a DC source , voltage is usually 12 , rarely 24 V. Therefore, LED strip for connecting to a power supply of 220 volts , an additional power supply is required to render .
For smooth brightness and color LED light color bands are used controllers, the principle of which is to change the brightness of the LEDs for each color separately . Many controllers can be controlled via remote control ( infrared or radio) .
Currently, there are several types of belts running from 12.24 and 220 volts. 12 and 24- volt belt running from the power supply converts the voltage from 220 volts to 12volt or 24Volt . Tape 220 ​​works through a rectifier (diode bridge ) from 220 volts and has a flexible silicone shell containing the LED board . Due to the simplicity of the network connection, the tape is widely used in the workplace and at home , indoor and outdoor spaces ( thanks to the protection IP68). To connect from 1 to 100 meters tape enough single compact rectifier unit , the supplied tape.
There are several options for connecting LED strip :
1. Easiest : switch - PSU - LED strip . That is, the backlight turns on and off a conventional switch.
How to connect LED strips : 220V through ordinary switch need to connect the power supply , observing the rule - phase to terminal "L" to zero "N". Coming off the power supply with the correct polarity ( positive to positive , negative to negative ) , connect the LED strip . Wire cross-section of the power supply to the tape must comply with current consumed ribbon 10Amper based on 1 m. mm. 12 and 24 volt LED strip consistently connect no more than 10 meters , the following connections are made parallel to the power supply .
2 . The second method is through the connection of LED strip dimmer switch, with which you can adjust the brightness .
How to connect LED strips through dimmer : 220V plug the power supply , observing the rule - phase to terminal L to zero N. Next to the power supply with the correct polarity ( positive to positive , negative to negative ) terminal to connect dimmer IN "+" and IN "-". To terminal dimmer OUT "+" and OUT "-" connect LED strips , observing polarity. Depending on the dimmer can control lighting directly potentiometer or remote control.
3 . The third way : The multi use lighting LED strip RGB.
Here the connection is made similarly to step 2. Except that instead of dimmer used control unit (RGB controller ) to which the LED strip connected 4 -wire , respectively, by color : black to black (V +), red to red (R), green to green (G), blue to blue (B). To connect the tape superior power controller - use - RGB- amplifier.
4 . Cheverty way : Connect the tape 220. The advantage of this tape is that it does not require any additional power supply , instead, set the tape includes small rectifier (diode bridge ) cord with plug for direct connection to the network. The downside of this tape is some difficulty mounting ( adhesive agent in the tape is missing ) and the multiplicity of cutting is the 1st meter.
LED tape can also be used to illuminate the car. You can cut a piece of the desired length tape , paste it, for example , in the luggage compartment , and connect directly to the vehicle system voltage . For best use of the car and sealed water proof tape.
consumption current from 1 to 2 amps at 5 meters, depending on the color

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