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1) THE PRICE for LED TV(MOQ have to be 1x40"HQ per size for the price below) 15.6 INCHES LED TV:USD57.00/FOB SHENZHEN 18.5 INCHES LED TV:USD77.00/FOB SHENZHEN (DVD ..

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We provide: PCB manufacturer and PCBA. Competitive prices for mass production of aluminum boards, one and two-layer boards. Excellent services involving PCB d ..

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LED 5mm

LED 5mm

LED 5mm LED 5mm
Brand: Hinhuat
Product Code: Led 5mm

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LED bulb with a diameter of 5 mm are in greater demand than the same LEDs with 3 mm. And all because they are not limited to minimum use. Their application is much wider and at the moment, is one of the best , in principle, not very expensive and common options . Here for more colors , but on whether a man like the color, and he chooses a more appropriate LED.
This is not the way of the auxiliary lighting, and full light . LEDs 5mm good fit in the advertising sector. Also, they can be found in the electronic scoreboard . As with all LEDs at 5mm has its subclasses . They differ only in diameter epoxy bulb .
Dimensions 5 mm LEDs
Lately, they have more and more have been used in small decorative bulbs . They boast good, even bright light, but are much more economical than usual. For a new design of the apartment is one of the best and most profitable options .
Generally , LEDs produce 5 mm with a flat or convex lens , with clear or slightly stained cylindrical flasks . Still, if a good dig , you can find one slight downside to these LEDs. With long hours of work in which any device, you can watch the illumination of the spot , which gradually spreads across the screen. But here you can find a plus . Thanks to this Lyapunov can easily create three-dimensional letters and different boxes. If properly and uniformly manage to arrange LED modules in the design, the absolute guarantee is given that the brightness of the LED signs will be uniform and with claims .
A long time ago saw through this feature active advertisers who to this day use it seamlessly . They noticed that the life in these LEDs are not quite small. In this case it is appropriate to note that the price-quality- comparable to each other two concepts.
The main reason is blown LEDs misallocation of thermal liner material and LED chip itself . According to statistics, 5 mm LEDs 10,000 hours of live , but cheap Chinese fakes will serve you no more than 500-1000 hours. Do not skimp on such trifles , still have to buy again , perhaps even more.


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