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Led Strips

Led Strips
LED strips are thin flexible strips 8mm or 10mm with soldered LEDs on them , usually in the coils of 5 meters or 10 meters long , upgradeable to unlimited length. The tape can also be cut into small pieces or a multiple of 3 5 LEDs - usually on the tape noted several centimeters in length . Such freedom in giving LED tape virtually any geometric shape opened unlimited possibilities in creating the lighting design of premises of the entertainment industry , illumination of facades of buildings and pools, creating illuminated signs , illuminated signs and other trade zavedeniy.Svetodiodnye monochrome ribbons available , glowing only one color ( red , blue, green , yellow or white ) and universal (RGB), the color of light which may be changed by using the remote control, including one of the primary colors or choosing any , existing in nature. May also include a mode in which the color of light LED strip will vary smoothly over the entire range with a given rate of change over time.
On the organization of radiation light RGB LED strip are of two types .
The first type of tape used LEDs LED-R-SMD3528 or LED-R-SMD5050 ( red ), LED-G-SMD3528 or LED-G-SMD5050 ( green), and LED-B-SMD3528 or LED-B-SMD5050 ( blue) soldered three pieces near triads repeated along the entire length of the tape. Change the color of the glow tape group achieved a change in the emission intensity of each color LED . These LED Strip is well suited to illuminate the interior when the LEDs are hidden from human eyes. If the LEDs will be seen , the change in emission color will be less effective .
R, G and B LEDs are series SMD3528 size 3,5 × 2,8 mm, and emit a luminous flux of from 0.6 to 2.2 lumens, depending on the color of luminescence. SMD5050 series LEDs are larger than their size 5 × 5 mm , respectively, and shine brighter , the light output is depending on the color of the glow from 2 to 8 lumens. Therefore, the size of the soldered LEDs on the tape , not even knowing the technical characteristics, easy to determine which of them will shine brighter.
In the second type of tapes used RGB LED Series LED-RGB-SMD3528 or LED-RGB-SMD5050, a distinctive feature of these LEDs that are mounted in a single housing just three LEDs - red, green and blue. Therefore, the luminous flux in these LEDs is a lot less and have LED-RGB-SMD3528 just 0.3-1.6 lumens from LED-RGB-SMD5050 just 0.6-2.5 lumens. But due to the fact that the radiators are arranged substantially colors at a single point , achieved a high efficiency of color gradation , that allows LED strip of the type used in the creation of light design , without restriction.
Resistance LED strips to moisture
The degree of protection against moisture LED strip can be divided into three categories. Moisture is not protected , water proof and water-resistant . Moisture is not protected LED strip can only be used in dry rooms where no high humidity. Waterproof LED strip designed for use in areas with high humidity ( bathrooms , saunas, building facades , where possible direct hit water on the tape ) . Waterproof tape designed to work directly in an aqueous medium , such as an aquarium , they can be placed at the bottom to illuminate basseyna.Vlagozaschischennye LED Strip can be used without restrictions for outdoor advertising , light decoration of streets and buildings. When choosing a water-resistive tape should be noted that part of the light flux passing through the silicone layer is lost.
Density of LEDs on the tape
Brightness LED strip depends not only on the type of installed LEDs , but also of their number. The unit is considered to be the number of LEDs mounted to one meter length of tape. LEDs than more so, naturally luminous flux is also more. Usually the number of LEDs per meter length of the tape is in the process stages for LED strips 12V 30 to 120 pcs . For LED strips designed for 24V supply voltage , the number of LEDs can reach 240sht . per meter length, such LEDs arranged in parallel strips in two rows.
But we must take into account that the more LEDs per meter LED strip , the more powerful power supply and require costly to buy. By choosing this option must be approached from the perspective of "necessary and sufficient ". For example, on the meter tape has 30 LEDs, so that the distance between them is 3.3 cm, which in the majority of cases, it is .
Marking LED strips
LED Strip marked by all manufacturers , as a rule, a single international standard. Protection class labeling is indicated in accordance with the requirements of protection of electrical equipment against external factors IEC- 952.
Checklist marking LED strips
Serial number alphabetic or numeric sequence labeling designation labeling Identifying the
1 ( light ) LED LED
2 ( emission color ) R Red
G Green
B Blue
CW White
3 (a kind of conclusions the chip ) SMD chip Bezvyvodyny not to install through the PCB
4 ( geometric size of the housing of the light source ) in 5050 5mm × 5mm example
5 ( number of LEDs per meter ) 60 pieces
6 (degree of protection from external factors ) IP protection class labeling is indicated in accordance with the requirements of protection of electrical equipment against external factors IEC- 952
7 (the first digit after the IP, protection against solid objects )
0 No protection
1 From the penetration bodies 50mm and more
2 phone penetration diameter 12mm or more, of not more than 80mm
3 From the penetration bodies of 2.5 mm diameter and more
4 From the penetration bodies diameter 1mm and more
5 allow dust in an amount insufficient for failure of performance equipment
6 Dust is not allowed
8 (the second digit after the IP, no ingress of liquid inside) 0 No protection
1 from vertically falling water drops
2 drops of water falling at an angle of 15 degrees
3 from drops of water falling at an angle of 60 degrees
4 from water sprayed from any angle
5 jets of water sprayed from any angle
6 from strong jets of water ( 100l/min , 100 kPa )
7 From the ingress of water when immersed to a depth of 15cm
8 From the ingress of water during prolonged submersion
Consider , for example, stands marking LED strip LED-CW-SMD-5050/60 IP68. LED - LED strip , CW - White Light , SMD - made ​​without lead- based LEDs, 5050 - LED 50x50mm body size , 60 - one meter tape length set 60 LEDs , IP68 - according to the degree of protection tape is designed for continuous operation at a depth ( for example, to illuminate the aquarium or inside the pool ) .
When the marking IP option does not appear, LED strip has no protection , ie protection meets IP00.
Choosing LED strip largest light output
Lighting the main characteristic is the light intensity , which is expressed in lumens per square meter. The luminous flux is determined by the type and number of LEDs mounted on a meter tape. Knowing the type and number of LEDs is easy to independently determine the luminous flux .
For example, on the meter LED strip white light installed 30 LED type LED-CW-SMD3528 ( size 3,5 × 2,8 mm ) having a luminous flux 5lm each. 5lm multiply by 30 , we get 150lm . This luminous flux emits 10 wadded bulb . If the tape is made on the basis of 30 LEDs LED-CW-SMD5050 ( size 5 × 5 mm ) , having already luminous flux 12lm , the 12 × 30 = 360lm , which is equivalent to the use of 24 -watt incandescent bulb . Experience of using incandescent lamps has everyone so easily using the above procedure to determine the type of LEDs mounted on tape , their number and length of the tape. And if the length of the tape is already defined , then perform a reverse payment .
Perform a reverse payment on a specific example . You need to make a ceiling light in a room the size of 5m × 4m. Perimeter of the room this size will be 5 +4 +5 +4 = 18 meters. You want to create a soft and not very bright lighting . If you use incandescent bulbs , the total of their power should be in the order of 200 watts , the light output of which will be 3000lm ( 15lm × 200). The tape length must be equal to the length of the perimeter of the room , that is 18 meters. To determine the light flux , which should emit one meter LED strip 3000lm be divided by 18 meters. It turns 166 lm / m For our case fits tape with 30 LEDs LED-CW-SMD3528 per meter . Payment was made without taking into account reflection losses from the ceiling , and they are not less than 50%. Consequently, for a guaranteed ambient room light to choose the tape with a large double luminous flux. There are two options, either to take the tape with 30 LEDs LED-CW-SMD5050, or LED-CW-SMD3528, but in a quantity of 60 pieces . on the meter . The first option is preferable as it will provide a safety margin .
For RGB and monochrome LED strips calculation is performed in the same way as for the ribbons of white light .
On LED strips are not always marking , making it difficult to perform calculations . But learn the technical parameters LED strip is easy if we use the data given in the reference table . The modern LED strips are usually used two types of LEDs SMD3528, having a size of 2.8 mm × 3,5 mm and 5,0 mm size SMD5050 × 5,0 mm. Therefore , the size of the LEDs , you can determine what type of LEDs soldered on the tape. Considering the number of LEDs per meter , listed below the reference table data can be obtained on the technical characteristics of LED tape.
Main technical characteristics of LED strips on 12V
LED type LED Size , mm Number of LEDs per meter LED strip length , pcs. Power consumption of one meter lengths LED strip , watts Luminous flux meter long LED strip , lm equivalent incandescent power , watts
SMD3528 2,8 × 3,5 2,4 30 150 10
60 4.8 300 20
120 600 9.6 40
SMD5050 5,0 × 5,0 7,2 30 360 24
60 14.4 720 48
The main technical characteristics of SMD LEDs special page dedicated website , where you will find specialty calculator for calculating the parameters of the current-limiting resistor in the case of self-production or LED strip lights .
With the help of the table is not difficult to find the type and length of the LED strip - analog incandescent bulbs . For example, to replace one incandescent bulb 80W power LED ribbon , you need to take 8 meters SMD3528 ( 30) , or two meters LED strip SMD3528 ( 120 ) or SMD5050 ( 60).
Connecting to the mains LED strip
Connecting the LED strip to the car
LED strips are ideal for direct connection to the car . The main thing that would match the ribbon supply voltage vehicle electrical system voltage . For passenger cars need to choose Weatherproof tape rated for 12V , truck - 24V . At what voltage the battery is installed in the car , on a voltage and need to take the tape. When you connect the LED strip to the car to observe polarity , on tape applied designation "+" and "-". If the polarity is lured , then nothing bad will happen , just the LEDs are off.
Connecting the LED strip to the household power 220V
Unlike light bulbs , LED strip can not be connected directly to 220V household electrical network . They need to supply DC voltage value 12V or 24V . On the ribbon supply voltage specified along its entire length . To obtain the required voltage applied voltage converters . Currently there are no established terminology , they are called in different ways: drivers , adapters , converters , power supplies , power sources . All these words is called a single device that converts AC mains voltage 220 ​​to DC voltage value required for the tape, depending on the type of 12B ( commonly used ) or 24 ( rarely applied , usually in the strips RGB ) .
To select a power supply for LED strip is important, not only the magnitude of the DC voltage at the output , but also the amount of current that it can give to the load. To select a suitable power supply for the specific need to know the total amount of current that will consume all the installed LED strip .
For example , pick up power supply for LED strip , which we have chosen to highlight above the ceiling. Typically consumed by the current meter tape indicated in accompanying documentation , if not, then not difficult to perform the calculation yourself. Enough to multiply the number of installed LEDs on the power consumption of each. Since we have chosen to set the LED tape LED type LED-CW-SMD5050, belt length of 18 meters and length 30 meter LEDs. Total number of LEDs turns 18 × 30 = 540sht . One LED LED-CW-SMD5050 ( for reference table ) consumes 0.02 A , hence the total current consumption of the entire backlight will be: 540 × 0,02 A = 10.8 A. But we did not consider that the LEDs at a supply voltage 12V tape connected sequentially through three resistors, hence the rated current must be reduced to three times. 10.8 / 3 = 3.6 A. But in one case LED LED-CW-SMD5050 LEDs are three elementary , so the resulting current is multiplied by 3 . Rezultatiruyuschivy That is, current is 10.8 A. And so as a result of calculations determined that the required power supply voltage of 12V with a current carrying capacity up to 10.8 A.
Calculate the required power supply unit , multiplying the voltage at the current 12V × 10,8 A = 130W , it turned out that we need a power supply with 130W . For reliable operation of the power supply required 20% headroom . As a result, power supply capacity required 156Vt . You can use almost any power supply that meets the necessary requirements. With the success of suitable power supply from a desktop computer , these units have a capacity of not less than 250W . Since the load on the unit is not complete , it is possible to reduce the fan speed , whatever interfered with noise. How to do it in the article site Reduced speed cooler. Usually on the power supply label glued computer where specified allowable current for each voltage . Color-coded wires can be found in Article Website Wire Colors BP computers. When you connect the LED strip to the power supply from the computer , be careful , you need to be connected to any black (GND, common wire for all voltages ) and any yellow wire (+12 V) .
Resulted in a detailed example calculations for what could get to the bottom of the calculation. But it is possible to calculate the capacity of the unit , without delving into the intricacies of using the table above. After you have selected the type of tape you have to take against the type of tape data from a column of the table , " Power consumption of one meter long LED strip , watts " and multiply that number by the length in meters LED strip . The result multiplied by 1.2 ( the power supply must have 20% headroom ) . That's got the power adapter to connect the selected tape.
For example , the calculation for the selected tape to illuminate the ceiling CW-SMD5050 30 LEDs per meter length. Power consumption meter LED strip is at table 7.2 watts. Multiply 7.2 by 18m, obtained 129.6 watts. The result is multiplied by a safety factor of 1.2, and it turns out that you need a power supply voltage output 12V power 156Vt . As you can see in the table assume quite simple.
Connecting RGB LED strip
If RGB LED strip connected to an ordinary power supply , the dynamic lighting effect will not be achieved . All LEDs will shine continuously , you can change the course manipulating switch the color of light , but smooth change of color can not be obtained . For this task, a special controller available with a remote control that can automatically change the output voltage of each color channel for a given algorithm and thus provide transfusion colors.
The picture shows a controller CT305R, which provides current 5A for each channel . I draw your attention that the RGB LED strips common wire is positive . For the controller to its input INPUT (V- and V +) must be submitted with an additional power supply , designed for a load current less than 15A, the polarity , the constant supply voltage 12 -24V . Typically LED strip are colored wires black, red , green and blue , which are connected to the corresponding terminals OUTPUT (V +, R, G and B) , respectively.
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